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Nov 20, 2023

New blog entry whoaaa
It's been about a month since my last entry. Sorry I've been busy.

The semester is almost over; I am almost free

I just released a new ep! Well I'ts an album everywhere except for on soundcloud


Feel free to check it out

Thank you to everyone that has kept up with my site in the past, I've gotten some e-mails from ya'll I really appreciate them :)
Will update the recent releases and everything I've been listening to lately

Now that the year is almost over I've been planning on what I'll be working on next year
First, I plan on getting a lot of music gear including:
Replacement Dt 770 80ohm headphones & scarlett solo interface
I gotta get those like this week lmaoo. My left speaker on the headphones blew and it doesn't play low frequencies
I thought it was my hearing I was so scared...
but I flipped the headphones around and then I realized

so I just bought a guitar!! okay it is a fender telecaster from 1994 made in japan
same one the guitarist of number girl uses, (it was also in beck: mongolian chop squad)
I will post a picture once it gets here
I might replace the pickups for some seymour duncans, but I'll wait
ow I need an amp, ideally I would get a Matamp gt120 w/ an 2x12 orange cab
but i don't have the room (or the capital) so for now I'll be using connecting the guitar to the scarlett and using guitar rig on the pc
I might get a smaller amp like an orange or15 in the meantime too

Next I need a DJ controller. Yes I am giving in. It would help me travel and meet my friends more often
also, I think I'll be good at it. I'll keep ya'll updated

Next is an akai sampler and a roland space echo
just imagine how crazy that combo would be

if i could I'd also get a tr-909 and a tb-303..
that's "all" I plan on getting

Recent Releases:


Recently listening to:

this little blog of mine is really fun to update sporadically,
I am freestyling, adding as I go,
thanks for all the support :)